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Hi, my name is Marie and I am the owner of Tailor my Space. We are an Atlanta based professional organizing team. We pride ourselves on not only space planning but customer service as well! Our goal is to be a one stop shop when it comes to organizing. We take care of decluttering, space planning, donations and shopping!


Yes it is a dream come true to share my gift with the world. I not only love my clients but it's the "changing lives one organized space at a time" that keeps me going!


About Us

I began my organizing career in 2013. I would take on jobs for friends and family and very quickly my interest was sparked. My dad was in the military, so my entire world has been structured by order. I often wondered why I would beg to organize the pantry on Saturday morning after my mom went grocery shopping. Once I reached adult hood I had a passion for not only organizing but helping others become organized!


I did this part time for a few years and in 2016 I took on this new journey in life as not only was I am mother but I also worked full-time. Now I have a business that I need to nurture and grow. 

Unbeknownst to my clients I was working 80-90 hours a week doing both jobs. I did this for 18 months. In October of 2021 I left my corporate job to becoming a full-time professional organizer.


 Organizing is merely my passion and I am very grateful to share my gift with the world!


Marie, Professional Organizer




Home organizing

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Neat Desk

Virtual organizing

Cardboard Box

Complete packing and unpacking services.


If you wash the clothes we will fold and put away. 


Keeping it tidy

Interior Design

Ready to sell but need help making it look good.

Real Estate Agents

The Goal is to create Happy Homes

Tailormyspace Professional Organizers have been called miracle workers because they create ORDER and simplicity when life is overwhelming. The owner Marie has the drive, talent and passion it takes to make your home look its best. They helped me with several projects around my house including my garage and closet. They were efficient and strategic, providing me with the results I wanted and needed. It feels great to have order and peace of mind…Check them out!


If you are planning to move, RUN, don’t walk to your phone and call Marie with Tailor MySpace!!!  Marie and her amazing team packed my entire house today (including garage) in only 6.5 hours.   

They were extremely responsive, professional, punctual, and worked at the speed of LIGHT!  ⭐️ This job would have taken me weeks to complete !  They offer organizing services as well, and I’m having them do that for me as soon as we get moved in the new house.  Tailor My Space:  404-314-7405.  Let her know I sent you her way!  HIGHLY recommend!  A+++++++


I came to meet Marie during COVID when organization felt overwhelming but necessary. She quickly came to be someone I love and trust and organized every single space in my house. I cant recommend her enough- her professionalism and efficiency are incredible. I even hired her for my retail space and she excelled there too. Anything you need in the space of organization and moving she can handle. She is the best and meeting her was the highlight of 2020. 


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