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Transforming Clutter Into Calm

Does your home overwhelm you? 
Are you ready to be proud of your space?
Are you tired of putting off the project?

We are here to HELP!

Urban Home Interiors

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Meet The Owner

Marie, Professional Organizer

Tailormyspace founder, Marie Mandeville, started Tailormyspace in 2016. Marie grew up in a fun yet organized household. Marie always had an entrepreneurial spirit so with the two Tailormyspace was created. Our team has taken on various projects from a small decluttered kitchen to an entire home. We have helped clients all over the United States. Not only do we organize the spaces but we implement systems that fit your lifestyle. Our passion is to change lives one organized space at a time.


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Schedule Your Organizing Session


Step 3:
Let The Work Begin


Step 4:
The Reveal

organizing tip of the month:
file fold your t-shirts

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