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Effortlessly Organize Your Life with Tailor My Space


My name is Marie Mandeville the owner of Tailor my Space.

At Tailor My Space, I am dedicated to helping my clients conquer their clutter, calm the chaos, and create functional spaces that they love. Growing up in a military family, I developed a deep appreciation for structure and order. My mother instilled in me the power of cleanliness, while my father taught me the importance of having things in their proper place. These values have stayed with me throughout the years and have inspired me to become a professional organizer. I am passionate about helping clients transform their spaces and simplifying their lives.

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our process....

Our process is simple - we work with you to develop a solution that is tailored uniquely to your preferences and lifestyle.


Our team offers full-service organization for your home or office, including decluttering, space planning, shopping, and organizing.


We will transform your space from cluttered and chaotic to neat and streamlined, and leave you with a sense of calm satisfaction.


Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

who we are...

who we are

We are a judgement-free, one-stop-shop for all your organizing needs. Our team of professional organizers is dedicated to helping busy professionals, like you, achieve peace and clarity in their households. Whether you need help organizing your closet, kitchen, or office, we're here to provide you with personalized solutions for your unique needs.

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