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Why I started organizing

I've always wanted to help people. I was the all-rounder — the one to try and learn a little about everything. I knew I enjoyed transforming spaces so things could function efficiently. And then it hit me. I had found my passion — creating and organizing spaces for others.

I realized that the world was unorganized in so many ways. This immediately revealed the opportunity. People would do well with help organizing the spaces that mattered to them. From this realization, I started Tailor my Space in 2016 with a vision to help people stay organized and happy.

Covid-19 caused many people to be "stuck" at home. There was no home or school to escape to, and people would have to spend time in their spaces a whole lot more. Now more than ever, they would need their homes to be neat, organized, and easy to function in. I have been able to help many people and I’m committed to "Changing lives one organized space at a time."

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