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My teens room is a mess.......

I hear this more often than not. To be honest it makes me excited because I know how to fix it!

Ask yourself one question? Have I ever really showed my child how to create a space they can function in? To be honest have I ever thought about the importance of it? But now I want them to keep a clean room when to be honest they don't know where to put there stuff and heck neither do I.

So whether you hire a professional or you two spend a day tackling the project give your child a space they can thrive in. Help them create solutions that make clean up simple and easy. Make them clean up daily. The consistency here will either create a good habit or maintain a bad one.

Let's be honest the room doesn't need to stay magazine ready but as a parent it doesn't feel good to see these nice things we paid for on the floor. If the room is well organized no matter how messy it gets in one day clean up should still be simple.

*Changing lives one organized space at a time!

Marie Mandeville

Tailor my Space

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